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blood cells, riot fraternity bandits
breaking up weed glaze pornography constitution
curdled floor features

but i fell asleep
standing slump-upright
as German trains rumbled past me
pumping fists around my crusted eyes

(when I was a pop-star dream)

you win
i am vanquished
better men: you can
“light a fire around my corpse”
“unable to call my lawyer so late tonight”

you are just good-natured children, so
go dance around the iron column
bouncing to  rhythm

but, blood cells like a good party

so, friends, the granite chunk is my gift

each inmate who wails
stuffs a prayer in his cheek
because the joke has a punch-line

the joke ends
it ends

and radiation is shot into the tissues

Text and Images © Andrew Auten – All Rights Reserved