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01-05-10 – The Kings Rest, Part 3

At first I did it because I loved to travel. Why not?  Gas was cheap at 39-cents a gallon for hi-test and my champagne ’72 Continental drank deeply.  The national speed limit was 85 and some highways in the sticks ...

12-21-09 – The Kings Rest, Part 2

Yep, more pictures from my favorite crap-spot, The King’s Rest in Santa Fe, New Mexico. http://www.artmound.com/mounds/12-21-09_01/index.html Text and images © Andrew Auten – All Rights Reserved.

The King’s Rest Part 1

I went to college at the College Of Santa Fe in New Mexico.  I didn’t have any money and, in terms of intellectual & monetary investment, I was high-risk.  I studied art but my teachers always seemed disgusted with me  ...