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Sick Childrens (sic) Clinic

  Life on the road.  Life in a motorhome. Life with a good woman while awfulness gathers. Life is to live. Text and Images © Andrew Auten – All Rights Reserved

Anime Portaits 02

Photos taken in Austin, Texas 2011. Text and Images © Andrew Auten – All Rights Reserved  

Rollergirls 05 – Rollergirl Holocaust

Cannons, broad turned into the blank sky Gas-soaked and set on fire Shot across flowing red rocks A green-stemmed beginning Soldiers, complaining, cans and packs swing Former crops hold the last blood Rag-wrapped widows sort bones The truck waits for ...

10-12-09_03 – O Galveston, Thou Shithole Goest Whither?

My former town Houston is defined by a energetic scrawl of superfreeways intended to move you like a concrete tesseract from one subsection of town to another with Nazi efficiency. The reality is a commute that you could accomplish on ...