probable expressway fury-man (calcium)

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crack inside my calcium
the war-planes whip  the clouds
and stir anthem songs

enough guns pepper pot lids
and growling kids jiggle bowls
devoid of decency
(empty photographic things)

(J)esus says thus: “worthless cunt cowards”
him sayeth:
“grab weapons and kill all!”
him continue
“though commanded nothing
in any way whatsoever!”
him conclude
“but, hey, you did your best.  as did i.”

(not an entirely accurate quote)

“going to wiggle away”
common blades
slipping necks open
necks leak
because the cameras are hungry

back on the concrete road
credits cards urge me on
jerking me city to city

whiskey sleep
gin dream
wine smile

the pebble highways shift into sunsets
and we get a few days deep sleep
in the arms of friends
friends who sleep
and fuck

we fold up legs
arms fold up

now, now, i want to see you like a nuclear reactor
the vibrating kitty-kat that yowls: big mouth

beating drum skins
this is the weak bird-skin bits
this is where spear-points rip in ribs
ribs, so full of protein
oval marrow bone dance
then the party cheeks
red and red and more red

gassing rum, gin, and scotch clouds
but i know you

gobble dumb dicks
slurp canyon men ideas
the ideas: city monsters
country destructions
friends: you attack my friends because
my friends is weak (calcium) bones
my friends

my weakest spine
is friends

who will i love?
i love you!

weeping chests
tongue up more sinew
more tendon
more minerals

“the monument of a Chinese emperor”

The City Poems write themselves
The Country Poems shoot guns
The Planet Poems eject songs

now, i lick your breasts
i leak tears upon your joints
a tight grip

the jet of sea animals
i dream in the sunlight

the time i insert my toe in
your mouth
you said

the initiative remains
in your world
because i have nothing but
bad feelings
i feel bad

bad feelings
but surprisingly decent memory
and surprisingly little conscience

propped up on the regular calcium things
calcium seems to be a key
keys can unlock
keys lock up

Text and Images © Andrew Auten – All Rights Reserved