Appalachia Portraits 03

IMG_5641_01_01 IMG_5642_01_01

I asked this boy if he had to protect his little brother. He paused a moment to consider my question. Then he just said,  “Yes.”

IMG_5650_01_02 IMG_5651_01_02

Her expression is difficult for me to decode.  Why is she looking at her new shoes this way?  What is she  thinking?

IMG_5645_01_01F IMG_5698_01_02

She looks like a tiny movie star.  >>After and before, mother and daughter.
IMG_5678_01_01F IMG_5736_01_01F

Little sister.  Big sister.  >> Quiet and smart.

These pictures were taken in rural  coal country & Appalachia in 2014

Text and Images © Andrew Auten – All Rights Reserved