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say anything
that approves of spring
bring a song, human being
meaning is me leaning along ceilings

my face is tough
laugh at a villain’s bluff
enough, i love rough punches
wild bunch eats blind  lovely lunch

i like to lie
piles of flaming tires
lined quiet along my wild sky
i’m tired, my smile fails in your eyes
(you decide i am a wallowing crying traitor)

flea-bit cat
slit eyes sleep
weep as this kid
my heel skids on loam

cut his heart
cut the cat
cats get cut
cut cats

loam is rotten grass
grass under your heel
feet beating me as i try to eat
meals slip past eager bleached  teeth


please guide me
under the weak  wheels
whizzing things wheeze
we sleep under years dripping now

i’m on your side
leave your guns aside
shots fired!
shots fired!

men bound for a bloody cross
smirk across the corpse
badges laid now
on these

say anything
springs flies on my chin
human men mumble tongues
my skin means we see feeble scenes

Text and Images © Andrew Auten – All Rights Reserved