IMG_4272_01_02 IMG_4282_01_02 IMG_4291_01_01 IMG_4293_01_01 IMG_4294_01_03 IMG_4368_01_01 IMG_4370_01_02 IMG_4484_01_02 IMG_4487_01_02ten plans
ten plans of big tits
ten plans of huge alien tits
ten huge alien tits are just the best

growl at me
growling raccoon sounds
sounds like stomping soldiers
chew me as soon as you can chew my face

chew my face as i become so deeply sober
ready to chew your red chest
full of hunter-breaths
and now we kill

smart cats
prancing deer

along the walls of a house
n0 one alive cares about anymore
because rednecks are casting your souls

into hell