Fat Hole Gets Licked Hard




Fat Hole Gets Licked Hard

More goes in the blue limb
Tucked roughly, a medicine
Buckled down, as you would find
On horseflesh, to race and earn

So, you regard a prime this slave
Skittish wailer, you beat skin down
Pray revel fools, police party a rage
Yelling, getting smart trying hard

Grease-vent fog scent moth-hair lights
Mexican secretaries, fat holes licked and
Muffler mechanics, skinned, shaved and diapered
Strut low-budget mannish bragging bluffs

This stupid, sponsored-infused sky, lead by
A reliable moron, hair,  and his grave chorus
Raise a loaded, lethal barrel to reason
And, as reason, fear-rigid posing, prancing

Close to mute my to brood-woman
She reduces the yielding  repeating echo
Considers her second act
The third her grave descent

Straddling the bald grave,
Where his last, deep bite hides
Please, beneath her sweet time-felt
Slick, friction endless stroke

It ends here

The ignorant daisies, deep fools
Traipse,  rattled, inexhaustible receptacle
And if luck and her whore:
Fate are blind drunk and insane

Please waltz
Please bleed shaking sex

At this fat hole, licked in illusion’s grip
So bagged and begged more

And then it ends

Text and Images © Andrew Auten – All Rights Reserved