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montana air
in vast cubes
your cows says “meadow”

jets shoot
(wet jets from us)

these hovering aliens
who have cat-faces
gulp daylight game-show air
want a performance

(again, i shoot jets)

why do you want to know who i love?

(jets are jets)

this is the place where i weep
because i am so sorry your steak
is licked by a rival’s dumb-dick tongue

(along jets)

beef standing
flying up, surprised
eaten by curious aliens

(it sounds like a poem
but we are talking about
an artist who yells
like a cat
on a

cats like to yell
cats die
cats will die

(a jet is
a release of
some kind)

and then cats die

from now on
i trust nothing

(jets shoot)

the star twinkles excessive approval
because the star will say anything
to get me to calm the fuck down
because cats are easily ruined

the world shrinks underneath me
you, bent over

Text and Images © Andrew Auten – All Rights Reserved