09-22-09_05 – Orbiting The Space-Dick

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dr_028_08_08-103 dr_028_08_08-061 dr_028_08_08-054 dr_028_08_08-052

dr_025_08_08-204 030_08_08_174 030_08_08_162 029_08_08_407 031_08_08_236

The radio flickered back to life.  Confetti static and shimmering sideband wails filled the interior of the capsule.  Used food packets and drops of frozen urine twirled and collided against the dead dials and useless switches of the dense gray control panels.

That’s what happens when you orbit the Space-Dick.

Space Sucks
No flying ducks
Summer bugs
Or fire trucks

Cold, expensive
Crappy food
Pushy tourists
Very rude

Stars, dust
Not much to see
Whacky sex
Burning pee


Text and images © Andrew Auten – All Rights Reserved.