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I have sex whenever I want.  Food is plentiful.  I have a good job and a comfortable living.  My exercise wheel is one of the best in the entire lab.  All-in-all I feel good.  Very, very good, actually.

Today, Terrence and I were getting some water from the dish near the back of the cage – the one with the good water and relatively dry cedar shavings – and he told me a joke: What had four legs and can’t be eaten?  A table.  Frankly, I don’t understand it but he laughed and then was on about something called “string theory”, which might have been another joke because his explanation seemed to have nothing to do with strings at all.  Then he had a seizure, a little brown foam came out of his butt and that was it.  Terrence was dead.

Naturally, we were being watched the whole time.  Shelly and Brian saw everything.  Brian was laughing, perhaps because he, too, finds this string joke amusing.  Shelly began gazing at her look-at thing and touching it with her fingers.  As Brian reached in to my home to remove Terrence I asked him what was this string.  Brian said some things that sounded like what Terrence had said, almost exactly, actually, and still it was way beyond me.  Shelly shouted ENERGY and went back to gazing.

Then I asked Brian a question I had been thinking about.  He said back to me Terrence was going to be looked at very closely, especially his insides.  Parts of Terrence would be kept to look at later on and the rest of him would be burned up in a fire.  I asked Brian another question.  He said back to me that someday I would also be burned up.  I had one more question I asked Brian and he was not laughing much.  He and Shelly talked to each other and also to Shelly’s look-at thing.

I wonder what will happen next.


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