my mom’s guts
two million degrees of blood
nine fingers of running metal veins
legion: killer men waste necks & face-muscle

vein finds veins finds friends finds fiends

“John”,  enemy
he has a tea-face
lips slicked shiny-smart
iron gaze and cello-note lilt
he cuts necks now ,too, man

switch off:

along a mud-gully…
“my sheep stumble gracefully along creek-edges”
“the animals die. Otherwise the sun rises and sets.”
“brothers of mine have jawbones and skulls ”
“just the philosophy we endure”
as skulls and jawbones slip…”

on the buzzing screen

Chest is slugged over.
A few girls who point  cameras at their faces, have jets on their feet.
This is what we say, man: Ceremony of perfection.

“1: Tall face bones 2: No pity 3:  Acceptable tits  4: no pussy hair.”

Text and Images © Andrew Auten – All Rights Reserved