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awkward obvious gawk down your shirt
jerk-off fable, saved and raided lately
soothe me or cut me loose
(“click” says the camera)
ban my boy voice
it is poison

liquor-slicked lips wrapped cumbersome
around tomorrow’s sorry worry words
rule me or ruin cruelly
(“zizz” says the electron)
we can’t learn things
my wings burn

You are summoned
Bring your only self
And no other
Or your twin

I’ll resume the poem:

there once was a man from Austin
a city he got lost in
the weed was okay
he couldn’t stay
but at least it wasn’t Des Moines

No, really:

see? my clown show howl, show me your
round skin facing down now
lurid words hurry up
(“crack” says the match)
ripe, bright ass-things
pass along tonight


old cats along the fence
along the girder of moon and fog
tumble to dark

Text and Images © Andrew Auten – All Rights Reserved