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I did  a ton of these Poememes (which people mostly hated, by the way) and posted them to Facebook.  Out of the hundreds I did , a few sources were drawn from pornography, a subject with which I have had a professional relation.  Thus, I failed to see exactly how upsetting these images can be to people, especially in the context of art, especially in the context of idiots.

The long and short of it (or the hard and soft, wet/dry, if you prefer) is I got reported to Facebook and threatened with having my account shut down.  So, my hand slapped by vengeful Authority, I decided not to post the images and move on to other work.

And then I decided to just not post the images at all ever.

These are not all of the images in question but they’re the ones I could find

I’ve had a change of heart on the matter and decided to poset theme here on my own private site.  If you don’t like them, fine.  Fuck you. Go away. If you do like them, nude selfies are appreciated in lieu of a cash donation to the church of your choice.

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