02-22-10_03 Madison, The Most Amazing Supergirl.

I saw something in my house.  Once I saw it under the porch while I was cleaning, holding two mops. I am pretty sure it was the jacket.   One time I saw it and the soldier would sometimes come out of the closet, although I could not see his face.  Just his boots.  The pantry where mom got our food to cook was empty even when it had big double doors that made me think of a barn.   No real food like soup or cake or sandwiches.  So we ate bark and grass, especially after the bugs became too numerous and my mother said conditions had become unsanitary.  What could we do?  The cart was loaded up with the song books and hats to wear and clothes plus my little sister’s doll, Madison The Most Amazing Supergirl.

At the new house, I liked the white paint.  Still, the jacket kept watching us as we played on the swingset.  I was afraid but little sister said not to mind and definitely not to go at him (especially his face) or he would be angry.  I held my hands up so the jacket could see my palms and fingers.  He stayed by the tree. He grinned.

The food was more.  So I ate and did not worry about not having food.

At the place of watching in different rooms, our stories became the same even though we did not know each other.  Or at least I don’t think we know each other.  So they let us sit together and play with the cats.  The buzzing sound meant everyone was pleased but I missed my mom. Suddenly I had trouble remembering her.   I got scared and no one was happy about this and they raised the table up.  Then I was very scared.

Madison, The Most Amazing Supergirl came in and shook her arms at the trouble.  She shook and shook and everyone sort of shrank back to the walls.   Stars flew around her  head!  Madison said, “Grab my hand and we will fly to your mom!”  I wanted to go home so very much and as we left I saw one of the cats on the table, his brain being touched for information about sadness.  He meowed.   Madison said, “Don’t look at that!”

Strange forces make things happen.

At home, I cried and my mom cried and Madison The Most Amazing Supergirl waved goodbye. “Stay out of trouble, ” she said.

Text and drawings © Andrew Auten – All Rights Reserved