Furtherance Of Commander Puffy.

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(transcribed audio from the files of Dr. Foster of Wellington, Ohio)

Greetings!  Many happy feelings!  We are alive, are we not?  So we are!  A true story of Commander Puffy follows!  Attend:

The sun rises over the modest apartment of The Venerable But Common Puffy as freely as it does rise over humble haystack, monolithic smokestack or syrup-slopped short stack.  His eyes open to New Dawn!  What do you behold?  Ask your Block Leader and he will say so I am sure – do not doubt me!

The can is opened and contents eaten
Crop-busters, re-educate and beaten
Gun cleaned alone in silence
To sing a song, smoky violence
A day to swallow regret, to sit and wallow
We allow this and yet, the gallows are set

I’ve noticed that this theme of Puffy’s repeated morning suicides are often accompanied by the suggestion that he might have also been executed more than once as well.  Since none of us have been over there and back, we are reduced to guessing and nothing more.


Text and images © Andrew Auten – All Rights Reserved.