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Abandoned Carlsbad, NM

There are some abandoned motel cabins right outside of Carlsbad Caverns.  These are photographs of the interiors taken with a Sony P200 digital camera. Scoot it on to the Mound here: http://www.artmound.com/mounds/12-21-08_03/index.html Pack a lunch. Text and Images © Andrew ...

Falling Apart: Bush YES!

We drive as much as we can, and we’ve noticed that the more run-down a town is, the more pro-Bush blabberizing you’re likely to see. The “Bush Yes” picture was taken in an utterly destroyed town somewhere in rural New ...

4000 miles in a Vanagon

This is the first post at Kittenfart: a few photos from our recent trip in a semi-restored 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon. [album:http://www.kittenfart.com/pix/]